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Malgré une couverture austère, Space Marines est un très bon wargame.

Toute une gamme de figurines pour Space Opera peut être directement commandée à Stan Johanson




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Space Marines is a game designed to simulate land combat in the interstellar era. Naturally, the rules are only one possible system, and unlike games on historical periods, there is no way to measure the realism; we don't know what the world will be like in several centuries from now. These rules are based on the author's future history, which may or may not be probable but does lead to a universe in which ground combat still exists.

SPACE MARINES is a game. While every attempt has been made to keep the rules self-consistent and reasonable on the basis of current knowledge, their purpose is to give an enjoyable game. This took priority over 'realism'.

Various weapons and devices used in the game are referred to as Type A, B, or C. This is to reflect differing levels of technology and cost of weapons. In the twentieth century a type A rifle would be an automatic weapon, a type B would be semi-automatic and a type C would be bolt action.