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Product Line: Individual ProductPrice: 
Product Category: Secondary ProductSize: 8.5" X 11"
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 32
Heritage Company: Publication Year: 1980
Game Type: Role Playing GameEdition: 1st
Status: Not Currently AvailableStock Number: 1040
Parent Product: Binding: Staple Bound
Author(s):Marshall T. Rose
Role play for the Homeric age. Legendry and mythology.
The role playing game of adventure in ancient Greece. Combines the fast moving combat of Greek hand-to-hand warfare with the incredible mythology of Homer. Includes rules, charts and tables, ship deck plans, cards and map. Includes 2 cardstock ship decks (printed on one side), a cardstock character sheet (printed on one side), and 2 sheets of cut apart cards (printed on both sides).


Orbit War

Product Line: Individual ProductPrice: $7.50
Product Category: Secondary ProductSize: 8.5" X 11"
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 12
Heritage Company: FanTacPublication Year: 1977
Game Type: War GameEdition: 1st
Status: AvailableStock Number: 
Parent Product: Binding: Staple Bound
Author(s):Claire Curtis
 Carl Fredrick
ORBIT WAR is a stylized game of tactical space combat in the 21st century. It can be played by two, three, or four players. The playing board consists of eight concentric orbits around a central body; this central body represents a star in all games except for the invasion scenario, in which it represents a planet. One orbit is shown filled with debris; this is an asteroid belt (radiation belt, if around a planet).
There are four games in one here. The BASIC GAME movements are orientation and firing; regular movement in orbit is automatic and requires no expenditure of energy units. In the ADVANCE GAME, the additional elements of warp speed capability, deflector screens, and space mines are added. In the TOURNAMENT VERSION, it becomes possible to capture enemy tankers, inflict partial damage rather than automatic destruction; and to win, one must not only destroy the enemy flagships, but also retain enough energy units to get home oneself. Missile weapons may be added (long distance weapons with delayed effect). Lastly, an INVASION SCENARIO is included, in which a small fleet having the advantage of operating from a planet defends against a larger fleet with more firepower.
Comes with a small sheet of 60 die cut counters and a 17" by 22" folding map printed on very light cardstock.
Note: The rulebook is 5.5" by 8.5" in size.


Oregon Trail

Product Line: Individual ProductPrice: 
Product Category: Secondary ProductSize: 8.5" X 11" X 2"
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 11
Heritage Company: Publication Year: 1981
Game Type: Board GameEdition: 1st
Status: Not Currently AvailableStock Number: 0902
Parent Product: Binding: Staple Bound
Author(s):Leonard H. Kanterman
 Steven J. Ulberg
An exciting role-playing boardgame where players take the roles of wagon masters leading wagon trains across the American West. The game comes with seven historical scenarios of varying length and is playable for one to eight players.
OREGON TRAIL comes complete with a 22 by 28 inch four color mapboard, rules for play, pad of character reference sheets/party status sheets, eight pawns for marking player movement, two-6-sided dice and one 20-sided die. Everything needed to enjoy a full role-playing system with encounters along the trail.
Highly playable solo and including a point scale for victory conditions. OREGON TRAIL is ideal for tournament and club use. This fast-paced new game even includes system for dealing with the various aspects of the hostile environment and encounters with the various Indian tribes. Each Indian encounter can be met and dealt with in several ways, depending upon the abilities and choice of the wagon master/player. Peaceful relations and trade or hostile action are all possibilities. Even weather, disease, river crossings and exploring for new mountain passes play important parts in this game of travel and exploration where speed must take second place to concern for survival.
The Sentry Box has a few copies of this game.


Other Suns

Product Line: Other SunsPrice: 
Product Category: Primary ProductSize: 8.5" X 11" X 1"
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 
Heritage Company: Publication Year: 1983
Game Type: Role Playing GameEdition: 1st
Status: Not Currently AvailableStock Number: 2201
Parent Product: Binding: Staple Bound
Author(s):Niall C. Shapero
An exciting new Science Fiction Role Playing Game in which players take the roles of any of 11 intelligent species (or robots) and find adventure in the L'Doran Hegemony.
Included are complete rules for the building of starships, space travel, space combat, creation of worlds and star systems, populating worlds, combat, skills, technology, and even careers. The range of career types with over 100 different skills and additional rules for psionic talents allow for freedom of character design and character goals.
The boxed set comes with the complete rules in two volumes. The first volume: Characters and Skills is 71 pages long. The second volume: Starships and World Building is 65 pages long and includes an introductory adventure. A complete index of both volumes can be found in the back of the second volume. A master character sheet, judge's screen, and dice (3 six sided and 2 mini-20 sided) also come with the Other Suns boxed set. It all adds up to everything you need to begin a career of adventure, danger, and success under OTHER SUNS in the L'Doran Hegemony.
The trademarks and printing rights of Other Suns have reverted back to their author Nial Shapero. FGU retains the right to sell any left over back stock. Niall Shapero has made Other Suns 2nd edition available for download at: http://www.hoboes.com/pub/Role-Playing/Future/Other%20Suns/ .


Other Suns: Alderson Yards Shipbook

Product Line: Other SunsPrice: $7.00
Product Category: SupplementSize: 8.5" X 11"
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 48
Heritage Company: Publication Year: 1984
Game Type: Role Playing GameEdition: 1st
Status: AvailableStock Number: 2202
Parent Product: Other SunsBinding: Staple Bound
Author(s):Niall C. Shapero
 Steven S. Crompton
There is something very special about an Alderson Yards built ship.
Is it the utilitarian style and comfort of our ships?
Is it the meticulous engineering and design?
Or perhaps it's the reasonable price and the numerous types of vessels we build. That something special goes beyond what you can see or test for. It is a feeling of trust and well being. You know Alderson has a reputation to defend and Alderson Yards will not allow any mistakes to tarnish our image. None.
This catalog contains over 15 of our most popular and useful ships for personal or commercial usage. The information is usable with the Other Sun's gaming system. So enjoy. And remember, Alderson Yards wants your shipbuilding to be fun and rewarding.


Other Suns: Ice World

Product Line: Other SunsPrice: 
Product Category: SupplementSize: 
Company Name: Fantasy Games UnlimitedTotal Page Count: 
Heritage Company: Publication Year: 
Game Type: Role Playing GameEdition: 
Status: Never ReleasedStock Number: 2203
Parent Product: Binding: 
Author(s):Niall C. Shapero
 J. Andrew Keith
Niall Shapero has made the unpublished manuscript of the Other Suns Ice Worlds supplement available for download at: http://www.hoboes.com/pub/Role-Playing/Future/Other%20Suns/.